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Consider This Before Adding More Cardio to Your Routine

"But I'm just trying to lose the weight first before I add muscle" ... "but lifting will make me bulky" ..."but --" ENOUGH.

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Happiness shouldn’t be your goal.

Pinterest and Instagram will try to make you believe that all it takes is a simple quote on a cute background to turn your frown upside-down. And while the idea is there, it's very superficial. And usually I'm left in a deeper funk that where I started.

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Why Thinking Negatively Will Never Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our thoughts, the things we say, and the things we hear around us are all forms of nutrition. The terms we use turn into behaviors that slowly become normalized -when it's not normal at all. Sometimes it gets so deeply ingrained in us, we don't realize when those overheard phrases become beliefs, and soon enough, they're the culprits to our shame, our fear, and our pain.


You’re Not Born with Talent, You Have to Work for Talent.

Typically, I prefer for my morning routine to follow this order: coffee, read, write, breakfast. This morning I grabbed my coffee and sat with my Dad in the dining room to have an interesting conversation about talents, gifts, and abilities. While my Dad believes we're born with it, I believe that talents come from practice, experience, and the environments we grow up… Continue reading You’re Not Born with Talent, You Have to Work for Talent.