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Da Bombest Turkey Burgers EVAH!! {Quick & Simple College Meal Prep}

Howdyyyyyyyyyy! Mmm, just kidding. That didn’t feel right… HELLO! Much better… Welcome, welcome!! I’m sure you clicked here because you’re ready for a deliciously simple, and quick recipe for turkey burgers! And guess what? I’M GONNA GIVE IT TO YA. Just a heads up, the background will be slightly different today because these babies were made in… Continue reading Da Bombest Turkey Burgers EVAH!! {Quick & Simple College Meal Prep}

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My Whole 30 Experience: Confession, Summary, and Advice

I have changed my eating habits for the better. My relationship with food has improved, a new door has been opened that continues to help me grow and learn about myself in more ways than I would have if it was still closed, and I have gained a whole new outlook on nutrition and how absolutely crucial it is to our nation’s health …my summary conjures up the obstacles my partners and I faced during our challenge, and hopefully motivates those who think they can’t do it.

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10 Lessons and Benefits I Gained From The Whole 30

1. Fruit is sweeter than pastries… And so are roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and plantains. If you don’t believe they can break a sweet craving then I hate to break it to you, but your taste-buds are probably jacked up. Think about it, if most of your diet consists of processed foods (even if… Continue reading 10 Lessons and Benefits I Gained From The Whole 30

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[Whole 30] Weeks 2-3: What I’m Eating!

Hey lovelies, Today marks Day 22…uhm, repeat? YEAH I SAID DAY 22! Of the Whole 30. That’s 3 full weeks!  It was literally just yesterday that I was typing up a Week 1 review! Where is the time going? Anyway, I’ve been meaning to keep things coherent and type you separate week’s updates, but that… Continue reading [Whole 30] Weeks 2-3: What I’m Eating!