Hey there Stranger! Welcome to my page!

I’m Sabrina!



I originally started this blog in 2012 thinking that I would post fun recipes and workouts for my fellow fit-fam members, and offer advice to anyone else who wanted to start their fitness journey…but alas, like everything in this world, that changed.

You can definitely say I’m still a fitness fanatic, and I have a passion for helping people reach their goals, but I want to dig deeper than that…

About 7 years ago I started playing all kind of sports, from basketball, volleyball, and softball, to soccer, track, and dance. Then I started getting into the sport of lifting weights. I got introduced into this side of the fitness industry during the summer transitioning into my sophomore year in high school. And little did I know, that although I seemingly started off on the right foot, I was actually going down an extremely [common] rough road. I lost weight, gained weight, and lost it again. I have experienced an all time low point in my life during those years; however, about two years ago I made a promise to myself to find balance; I made a promise to stop being so obsessed with my weight, the size of my jeans, and how many calories I was eating; I made a promise to find my worth and learn how to truly, unapologetically love myself for everything I am.

If I had a chance to go back and change something, I wouldn’t. I learned valuable lessons about the power of having a positive growth mindset, I learned a great deal about the importance of communication, and I learned just how vital those two things are to achieve anything in life – way more than just fitness goals.

My mission now is to share what I learn, whether it’s through my adventures traveling, or my every day-to-day routines, I want you to be able to develop this appreciation and skill of finding ways to dance in the rain, even in the worst of storms. 

You and I are extraordinary, unique, worthy, and deserving of everything we could possibly want in this world – a lot more than this society might allow us to believe. We have the power to be the rainbow in someone else’s clouds, but we have to see ourselves as rainbows first.



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