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Penny for your thoughts? A Question that will Really Make You Think

So yesterday I was talking with a really good friend of mine, Myles. I truly cherish every moment I get to talk to him because, I believe, there’s a recipe for meaningful and valuable conversations. The ingredients include vulnerability, honesty, listening with good intent and consideration, comfort to be yourself and share your opinions, and speaking straight from the heart. And then, there’s an icing of jokes and laughter, and rainbow sprinkles of weirdness and chill vibes.

*My attempt at comic relief…lol*

Anyway, our conversations change as frequently as Michigan weather, but like our winters, this one in particular had longer lasting effects. I can’t exactly remember how we ended up on this topic, but I was describing to Myles that the reason I crave traveling so much is because of who I become when I’m living somewhere unfamiliar. He asked for more explanation, so I told him that there’s a electrifying surge of independence, potential, confidence and self-worth that I have for myself when I’m traveling; I feel like a whole different person. I have a higher self-esteem, more energy, and it seems easier for me to be myself.

He asked for an even deeper explanation, “Why would you feel that way our there, but not here?”

“I….I really don’t know” I replied, dumbfounded. “I guess when I’m out there I can meet new people so much easier. I think it’s a mixture of knowing that I have nothing to lose and knowing that I have a lot more to offer, regardless of what strangers may think about me.”

Myles challenged me even more, “What do you mean you have ‘more to offer?’ What do you have to offer?”

At first I took this a bit harshly. My brain quickly jumped to defense like What does he mean, “what do I have to offer?!” We’re best friends, are we not?! He should know this answer!! Tell him, Sabrina…slap him the facts.



But really….I started to get frustrated with myself because I didn’t have an answer! [LOL]

Throughout my journey to self-connection, self-acceptance, and self-love, I continuously tried to convince myself that I have a purposeful journey, that I have the potential to change the people’s lives for the better, and change the world.

It’s so mundane. We always, always hear this cliché phrase, “everyone’s different,” so I think it gets engrained into our conscious, but to actually feel it so deeply in your gut that you have something more to offer this world…it’s indescribable. And it can be really hard to find that answer (especially when asked on the spot).


So what is it Sabrina?

I suppose this answer comes from knowing who you are. I know who I am in terms of the fact of what I want to become, but who I am right now? I’m a student at Grand Valley State, studying for my Bachelors of Exercise Science with a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I’m a serious foodie. I love to travel. My hobbies include lifting, weights and lifting a fork out of a full jar of peanut butter. I have a sweet tooth as large as the sun, and tends to accidentally pronounce jägerbomb like “jagger- bomb.” (Po-tate-oh, Po-tot-oh…right?)

But that’s just the simple-surface Sabrina. Sabrina is so much more than that:

Sabrina is a passionate learner, writer, explorer, risk-taker, self-love advocate, and athlete. She has huge dreams to travel the world as a motivational speaker, author, and trainer/therapist because: she aspires to be the change she wants to see in the world of fitness, she aims to help people discover the indestructible potential in themselves that she can see in them, and she strives to encourage and support others to be bold, courageous, and confident in all of their endeavors.
Sabrina values opportunity, experience, and connection; good or bad, anything that helps her discover more into herself and the world holds a special place in her [big] heart. You can guarantee she will always give 120% – whether that’s her time, her effort, her ear, her love, or simply herself.


That’s the short version.. I did a lot of blabbering to Myles yesterday to find this answer, so this is the summary. It was extremely difficult, but I turned his question into a reflection exercise and it really helped me reevaluate who I am, what my values are, and who I want to become.

Now it’s your turn!!

I dare you to take some time to ask yourself that very question: What do you have to offer this world? Be gentle with yourself, think hard and long; reflect, walk away, come back, and reflect some more. This doesn’t have to be done in one hour…in fact, it might take days, weeks, months, or years to truly find your answer. And that is absolutely okay – it’s subject to change!!

But it will feel really good to sit down by yourself, and figure out who you are and what you have (and want) to offer the world.

Today is the perfect day to go after your goals. | CALIA by Carrie Underwood

You have an important purpose…and I want you to tell me what it is! Feel free to comment or message me…let’s talk about it! 🙂

Happy Tuesday (or whatever day you’re reading this)!!




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