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Post Leg-Day Burn Out {AKA: MY FIRST VIDEO!}

Heya frands!!!

It’s finally Spraaaang breaaaaak so I had a little extra time to film a circuit that I did after an absolutely ridiculous leg workout (I’ll post that more toward the bottom).
Then last night, I decided to get creative and make a fun video out of it!

Now, I know I don’t have the newest Canon or Nikon camera (as a college student I don’t have that kind of bling…yet) so my little iPhone 6 had to suffice…

Regardless, I was absolutely ecstatic about it – ask my Mom! She sat next to me the entire time I giggled away about how cool my music sounded, how spot-on my transitions were, and how I couldn’t wait for people to be like “OMG Sabrina, that was an awesome circuit!” LOL. If  you’re reading this, don’t let me down! ;P

Here’s the video, and my actual leg workout will be posted below! If the video doesn’t play correctly, click here!

*These exercises do require some resistance bands, but if you don’t have them…no worries! Just do the circuit without them!


My Leg Day Workout:

*Warm up: 10 minute on the elliptical; hamstring dynamic stretches; hip opening exercises; calf circles*
  1. Smith machine static lunges (Left leg)
    Again ^ (Right leg)
    *This is a superset, so keep going without rest
  2. Smith machine squats

    Progressive overload style (for each load add a little bit more weight)
    *No more than 60 second rest in between sets
  3. Smith-Sumo deadlifts (Really focused on my form here because I’m practicing my DLs!)
  4. Banded hip thrusts (used a barbell) x15
    Banded hip thrusts (body weight) x10
    Banded squat jumps x10
  5. One legged calf raises on incline
    AKA: Stand on something so when your food comes down, you get a nice stretch in your calf before raising back up
    7 x 7 for each leg – keep your movement slow and controlled
  6. Pull ups *OPTIONAL*  4×10
    (I’m adding these into my workout because I’m practicing to get to in-assisted level)

    Banded standing kick-backs 4×15
    Resistance band around ankles, and straight leg kick back; both legs
  7. Back extensions 3x20
    Squeeze that booty & don’t hyper-extend!
  8. Side lunges (Left)
    ^ Again (Right)


I can’t feel my legs today. WOO.


Have an amazing week my friends!

Sab ♥




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