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Super Quick [& Effective] Chest Circuit

Welcome friend!!

I’m so happy you clicked over to this link because I have a fairly simple, but not that simple, chest workout for you! I was short on time so this had to suffice, however, if your weight is heavy enough and you’re performing the eccentric phase of the movements (or return phase) slow and controlled, then you too will have trouble putting on your jacket the next day! Fair warning…

Exercises bulleted together are to be performed in supersets until all sets all finished. Then you may move on to the next circuit! Enjoy!

Super Quick Chest WO

  • Bench press
  • Elevated pushups, slow and controlled
    *4 x 10


  • DB chest press
  • 15 burpees
    * 4 x 10, 15


  • Chest flies (machine) drop set
    *3 x 10 ; (in total with the drop set = 6 sets of flies )
    *Drop set = perform first set x10, drop your weight and do another 10
    *On the second and third sets I personally had a hard time with these. I was only knocking out 5-8 before losing my form, so do what you can, rest for a few seconds to  gather enough energy to perform a few more reps with good form, and repeat until you get all 10 reps!


Although I was short on time, there was a little promotion going on at my campus gym. If you chose a particular option and completed the exercises for the allotted number of sets, you got a water bottle, sunglasses, and a fun sticker! So I participated in that, but modified the movements into a plyometric cardio circuit:

  • Fast feet step ups x20
  • Jump squats x10
  • Hip bridges (pause & squeeze) x10
    *3 sets, no rest
    *Note: you will have to pause for 2 seconds because of that burn, but 2 seconds only!!!  Keep going!


I thought it was a fun, and super good-on-time workout so I hope you like it, too!




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