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A Different Outlook on Happiness

Absolutely, positively, whole-heartedly LOVE this post! Such a powerful, straight to the point, well-written article. If only people could totally grasp this concept, or practice it in the least, we would live in such a different world…one where everyone can be happy with what they have; one where we can achieve our OWN kind of happiness, not the person’s next to us; one where we can cherish the mini-waves it takes to get to a big wave, and appreciate those waves just as much. ❤

The Pensives

Is it not remarkable that deep down we all want the same thing? Everyone. Whether you’re short, tall, rich, poor, black, white, underweight, overweight, and/or something completely different, we are all trying to achieve (and pardon the reductionist view) those chemical reactions that make us happy.

I must say, that fact fascinates me. We are all too frequently getting caught up in the things that make us different – income, race, city, height, looks, etc.… – but beneath it all, we are all trying to achieve the EXACT SAME THING.

Of course, “happiness” is rarely the response that people will provide if you ask them for their true desires, but regardless of what they believe they desire, happiness is usually the base sitting beneath those various goals. Does Johnny want money? It’s because he thinks money will make him happy. Does Susan want to get into an Ivy League school?…

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