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[Whole 30] Weeks 2-3: What I’m Eating!

Hey lovelies,

Today marks Day 22…uhm, repeat? YEAH I SAID DAY 22! Of the Whole 30. That’s 3 full weeks!  It was literally just yesterday that I was typing up a Week 1 review! Where is the time going?

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to keep things coherent and type you separate week’s updates, but that didn’t happen. Week 2 was finals week, I graduated from my Early College Program, I started my new job being a nanny, and I had a Communion and party to go to! Crazy crazy crazy.

But, nonetheless, I’m going to incorporate Weeks 2 and 3 together by including what some of my meals have looked like this far!

I’m excited to share some more changes I’ve noticed in my Final Whole 30 review, but until then I hope you enjoy my Whole 30 menu favorites.

(You can also see more on my Mom’s Instagram. She tracks every single meal and we basically eat the same foods. Not to mention, her food-photography skills are getting better, too, so go check her out!!)

My Veggie Stuffed Frittata!



This beauty was filled with onions, mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, arugula, and tomatoes. Then I filled in the empty spaces with several beaten eggs, and topped it with freshly chopped green onions. Popped ‘er in the oven and viola! It was awesome.


The Big A$$ Salad with Curry Dressing

If you’re not about The Big A$$ Salad, you need to get about it.

For the simple base, chop and throw together: romaine lettuce, spring mix, spinach, arugula, onions, cucumbers, orange/yellow/red bell peppers, tomatoes, and green onions (optional, but necessary).

Now, the way I upgrade to the Big A$$ Salad is by adding:

  • Avocado
  • A drizzle of curry dressing
  • A boiled egg
  • A favorite protein source (mine are chicken, brisket meat, or grilled salmon)
  • And [my favorite part] one of the following starchy veggies: Roasted sweet potato, butternut squash, or carrots

I don’t always get to add all 5, as it depends on what my goals are for the day and how much protein/carbs/fats I’ve already eaten, but I like to save some extra space at dinner for the full 5/5!

And I am proud to announce that I can make this salad just as good as my Mom. Oh! Anddd I also made curry dressing a few days ago for the first time ever, and I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT IT. Why? Because it, too, tasted just as good as my Mom’s! That, my friends, is a tremendous accomplishment for me, especially because I love curry dressing on the Big A$$ Salad so darn much. 


Grilled Salmon and Salads Galore

This little assembly consists of my favorite Big A$$ Salad, some grilled salmon with a spread of dijon mustard, grilled asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes, and a new creation: Daikon Carrot Ginger Salad. And what a unique and delicious salad it is!


The Official “I Don’t Want Pancakes or French Toast Anymore” Breakfast

Yeeeup. That’s right. I’ve been eating potatoes, eggs, and chicken sausage for breakfast almost every day this Whole 30, and I made it official: I don’t miss pancakes, french toast, or naleśniki (crepes).

If you know me, that is like a miracle. My sweet tooth used to be indomitable. I needed something sweet for breakfast, in the middle of the day, and at the end of the day (this was especially mandatory). However, I am again proud to say that this problem is not longer present! I don’t know why I chose sweet breakfasts over this for so long…my potato-obsessed brother was right: I’ve been living my life in darkness.

NOT ANYMORE, THOUGH! I see the light…I am eating the light!

Big Ole’ Chicken Burger with Roasted Potatoes & An Over-Easy Egg

When I ate this, my taste buds went to heaven…seriously. I absolutely love. love. LOVE. avocado with chicken. It is…I don’t even have a word for it – how about euphoric? OOO, yes. Chicken and avocado send me into euphoria. Wow, I think  I have a problem.

And then in the back I had a side of roasted potatoes with an egg…aweee man. That’s like two heavens in one. Give me the yolky goodness, the creamy avocado, the starchy potato and the meaty chicken…GIMMEEEEE!

The Big Ole’ Chicken Burger with Eggplant Buns

Same thing, but the additional texture from the roasted eggplant bun is another euphoric combination.

I love whole food. I really do.

Sweet Potato Hash, Chicken Sausage, Eggs and Veggies

Finally, sweet potatoes make their appearance! I swear I eat them more than regular potatoes. They’re like my best friend, but I guess I do enjoy them more in my salads, so they don’t always make their way into my breakfast.

Well, what you see is what you get. There is some chicken sausage buried under the avocado (mmm, chicken and avocado), so don’t think I skimped on my protein! 😉 But it was another deliciously light and satisfying breakfast.


Zoodles and Chili

I love making noodles of zucchini. It’s quick, easy, and I personally enjoy the crunch. My mom’s chili always comes out delish. And even when replacing beans with potatoes, this one did not disappoint. She usually uses two types of lean meat, but here she used bison – a different, refreshing, and tasty  protein source to try if you’re getting sick of chicken, beef, or turkey.

Coconut Fried Plantain Chips!

Since I was a kid this has been the thing I went crazy over. Salty, sweet, crispy, chewy – it’s a delectable treat that never failed to send me sprinting and salivating impatiently to the kitchen. And especially now that we fry them in coconut oil, oh man, oh man.  There is so much more flavor infused with every bite. I’m 19 years old and I still sprint to the kitchen when I smell their sweet aroma filling the house; I have no shame.


Now of course, these are not the only things I eat on a day to day basis; however, they have been the prettiest meals to document! I’ll try to assemble some dainty looking meals in the future, but until then I hope you enjoyed my Whole 30 menu favorites!




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