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Whole 30 – Week 1!

Heyyyyo my frandddddds!

Golly, one week has already passed?! Can you believe it? It’s crazy how fast time is flying…to be honest, though, I wish I could fast forward even faster into Wednesday of this week because I’m not looking forward to these finals (which I’m supposed to be studying for, but this is my study break. So shhhh.)

Now, you may be thinking “Ahhh, one week?  What kind of evaluations does she have only after 7 days anyway?”

Well, my friend, you’d be so surprised.

{Before I get into the details, I want to remind you about how I said I was going to be completely honest with you throughout this challenge. That means I am sharing the highs and the lows; therefore, don’t let my lows discourage you from hopping on board! Moving on…}

Okay sooo…where do I start?

Cravings? Haven’t really had any.

Hunger? I’m learning how to listen to my body, eat to satisfaction and enough hold me over to the next meal, and I love the food I’m eating. It’s tasty, satisfying, and truly serving its sole purpose as fuel – as it should.

Bloating? Compared to how much I used to deal with, it’s…like, non-existent. My stomach is flatter, I’m less gassy, and I can already see more definition in my arms and legs!

My Skin? It’s clearing up like…like a storm turning into a perfect day (that’s the best simile I can muster)! I noticed it when I washed my face and it felt like a baby’s bottom, and then my mom noticed it! She said the redness I get after washing my face is not so red. (It’s one thing to notice something yourself, but it’s another when someone else notices, too!!)

Energy levels? I’m still working hard to perform well during my training sessions, but outside of the gym I feel like a million bucks!

Other improvements? Oh boy…

  • The knee pain I’ve been dealing with since sophomore year of high school (almost 4 years ago) is slim-to-none.
  • I’m learning how to live without gum, but I also don’t need it as much because my breath doesn’t smell as raunchy as (I thought) it used to.
  • My hunger is less frequent, allowing me to focus on more important tasks. And because I only eat 3-4 times a day, I have more time to be productive and get things done.
  • My focus on tasks is improving. My muscle-to-mind connection in the gym is awesome and I’m really feeling every muscle being worked. Same goes with studying for school…
  • …therefore, I’m also managing stress better!
  • My sleep cycles are marvelous as I’m not waking up as often in the middle of the night as I used to. And my dreams are more vivid too!

Speaking of dreams…I had two very particular ones this past week. Both of which (as the Whole 30 Timeline predicted) where are about food. Unfortunately they were not of “wake up and laugh” type. They were more like “wake up crying” type.

The first dream, I woke up with anxiety on whether I should confess to my mom that I chewed gum (and AKA: start the Whole 30 again from day one) or just keep going. I didn’t want to cheat, but I really didn’t want to start over.

I was so mad at myself. How could I be so oblivious? But I couldn’t remember how the gum made it’s way into my mouth. Did I grab it in class without thinking? (I always do that.) No, someone offered it to me, and I couldn’t say no?! (I mean who can pass-up a free piece of gum? Not me!) No…it honestly just appeared in my mouth! That’s when I realized it was a dream, Sabrina!! What a relief. I knew I wouldn’t make a mistake like that. 😉
Dream number two…oh my gosh, get this: I dreamed about eating from my beloved *crunchy* peanut butter jar.(Am I mad, or am I mad?) I mean my dream even emphasized the crunchy consistency…that says something, does it not?

In case you didn’t know, I’m a peanut butter fiend.

Again, I woke up crying because I was so mad at myself for succumbing to temptation. That gosh darn peanut butter, I swear.


Anyway, so yeah. I mean this is only the first week and I’m  already noticing these changes. That has to stand for something!

But as I stated, there are some lows. Before I mention them, however, I want you to keep these three concepts in mind:

  • Every rainbow needs a little bit of rain.
  •  These lows can be considered a good thing.
  • The positive outcomes we’ve seen undoubtedly outweigh the negatives, so let’s stop looking at the cup half empty, shall we?


So onto the lows…

-I had to face a day of stomach-flu-like symptoms.

-Diarrhea. *Sorry if that’s TMI*


Sucks? Yeah, kind of. But consider this for a second…your body is only adjusting to the new foods its being given. There is no more sugary pick-me-up snacks for it to lean on in the middle of the day. There is no more snacking in between meals. There is no more junk. There is only new foods that your body is not used to digesting on a regular basis; therefore, it’s gonna have to adjust. And that’s exactly what it’s doing when some of these symptoms arise. There are certain hormones being released, there are new enzymes being produced, and a bunch of other physiological things that happen. Your body is just trying to figure our how to deal with all this craziness.

I mean, it’s basically being slapped in the face, so really…it’s only being fair slapping you back!

funny stomach pic
This is basically how it’s been working, so it’s pay-back time…only fair, right? 


Another way you can think about this as if you were introducing a child to the wondrous invention that is a balloon…

He’s all happy and smiles (think: all the positive effects of eating healthy) until that balloon pops in his hands (think: all that shitty diarrhea – pun intended). Now if the child keeps practicing with balloons, he’ll learn how to play without popping them (think: the long term idea behind the Whole 30). Eventually, he’ll get so good at it that when the balloon inevitably pops by accident, he’ll have seen it coming, and he’ll laugh rather than cry (think: you’ll know what foods trigger bloating, pimples, energy drops, etc.,  and will be able to better prepare for them when you decide to have them as a treat).

Hopefully that makes sense, but this is how I see the Whole 30 working for me. I’m staying positive all throughout, and I’m not giving up!


Remember, this challenge is a mind and body reset. You practice, you get better, you learn, you grow. So I hope you’re more than ready and pumped to give it a go! (Look at me being so poetic.)

More to come next week! If you’d like to see more (maybe what I’m eating during the week, or my workouts), please let me know! 🙂


Have a wonderful day. XOXO, Sab♥



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