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What is your Super Power? (Transparent Tuesdays by J.K.!)

Jessica Kneeland started a challenge the other day and it is to answer the question:

What is your super power?

Think about it…

Thinking Stage 1
Thinking Stage 2
Thinking Stage 3

Let’s be real, it’s hard enough to think about what you’re going to tell an interviewer/employer what your strengths are, or even to simply tell them about yourself…but to answer what your superpower is? Golly…might as well swallow bricks.

BUT…After giving this a lot of thought…I think I have more than one super power. Believe it or not, I couldn’t settle on one! Does that make me cocky or overly-confident? Hell no! I’m proud that I can’t come up with more than one! We all have good personality traits, but the challenge in being able to find one within ourselves is hard enough. So when we can find two or three? Or four or five?! We’re boosting our confidence right there, we’re finding our worth, and we’re showing we have more to offer than we sometimes settle for. So here it goes…I hope my super powers inspire you to dig deeper when finding yours! \


Super Power #1: Being an empath.

Empath — a highly sensitive person who has a more heightened awareness to subtle stimuli.

Although this has its highs and lows, I am proud to be an empath because being more aware of my own feelings/thoughts/emotions has helped me to genuinely empathize with other people.

Since I was a little girl, I always could tell when something was wrong. I always wondered why I thought a certain way, why I felt a certain way, and why I was always the one getting hurt. Being an empath is a characteristic that can easily allow others to take advantage of your vulnerability; however, it has helped me to become more spirituality tuned, and that as a result has helped me learn more about myself. I also believe it is one of the reasons I love writing so much because as an empath, it’s hard for me to hold things in. I get high off letting things out and venting. I get high off of finding the right words and gathering the right arrangement of them that relates to other people. You know what I mean; it’s that feeling you get when you read something and become elated because it illustrates exactly how you felt or thought about something that you never thought words were able to describe…yeah, that! I love relating to other people.

Dr. Judith Orloff in her New York Times bestseller, Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life says, “Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and good listeners. If you want heart, empaths have got it. Through thick and thin, they’re there for you, world-class nurturers.”

Dr. Judith speaks exactly what I strive to be: a person who is there for others, a “world-class nurturer,” a good listener. Sure I’m vulnerable to getting hurt, but that’s something I’m willing to work on. The more aware you are about your success and your failures, your strengths and your weaknesses, the things that work or don’t work, the more you can develop, advance, and improve. You can’t fix something when you don’t know it’s broken; you can’t develop strengths if you’re not willing to admit where you’re weak; and you can’t learn if you’re not mindful about the unknown.

Super Power #2: My ability to see the rainbow even through pouring rain.

Do scary situations stress me out? Yes.

Do I freak out about the future more than I should? Yes.

But, do I end up finding a reason or purpose for whatever obstacle I over came? YessssSIR.

Every struggle, every failure, every knock-down-to-the-ground issue I come across, there is always: A.) A lesson well learned. B.) A reason for why it happened. C.) Some purpose and meaning that I can take with me in the future. Anyone who knows me will tell you I always walk out smiling.

No matter how much I stress myself out sometimes, I don’t let things bring me down (and keep me there). Yeah, I might will get knocked down, but I get right back up. Maya Angelou wrote, “Nothing will work unless you do,” so I keep chugging. I learn from my mistakes and I smile in gratitude for the lesson learned. If you see every failure or obstacle as an opportunity to grow, you will thrive.

There’s another little saying that I always refer to in stressful times and it’s this: You’ll always need a little rain to make a rainbow. Behind every rainbow –behind every struggle–is a reward. Don’t let the rain keep you from enjoying the adventure of running through puddles; don’t let the rain discourage you from reaching your destination, don’t let the rain make you believe there won’t be another sunny day, or in this case a rainbow…because I promise you, it’s on its way.

Super Power #3: My curiosity.

…passionately curious, that is!

Curiosity is a beautiful thing…it brings about a fear of the unknown, and with that, a new adventure waiting to be discovered. Think about it, if Benjamin Franklin wasn’t curious as to how lightening worked, we’d still be walking around at night with candle lamps. If Steve Jobs wasn’t curious about computers, we wouldn’t have the awesome iPhones/iPads/iPods/Mac computers we have today. Everything we’re surrounded with that makes our lives easier (a lot of which is taken for granted, might I add) was sprung out of a curious mind. Let just sum it up by saying: Successful people run on curiosity.

Am I saying my curiosity will make me successful? Yes.

My kind of successful might not look like your kind of successful, but that’s how success works. It’s tailored to you and how you perceive the meaning of it. Curiosity, among other things, ultimately offers a chance to create your own life! If that’s not a trait to be proud of, I don’t know what is.


But there you have it ladies and boogers. I have super powers…but so do you!

Take a moment today to ask yourself what they are, and really figure it out. The reason it’s going to be such a challenge is because it’s not a superficial thing you can just look in the mirror and point out. It goes deeper than that, and I assure you, it will go way farther with you in life. The earlier you can decipher what they are, the better!




Last thing I want to add in, guys…last weekend I went to the Arnold Classic Expo in Columbus, Ohio, and BOY DO I HAVE SOME ADVENTURES TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!

So stay tuned, I’ll be posting that this weekend! Have a spectacular Thursday you super people!





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