Isn’t it lovely?

When we get butterflies,

When we get anxious and nervous,

When we fail and get back up,

When we focus on the journey rather than the destination?

Isn’t that that the beauty?!

To know that it’s okay to get nervous around your crush,

And to know that it’s not “awkward” to say hi to anyone with head phones on;

To know that a simple “hello” can lead in a million different directions, but not knowing which path it will take is the excitement of the mission;

To know that challenges will always be there waiting for you to fail, but also waiting for you to get back up and keep pushing.

To know that there will never be enough room for perfection, but there will always be enough room for improvement;

To know that no one cares! And not in the sense that leaves you feeling empty and lonely, but in a way that leaves you feeling liberated and free to be who you want to be.

To know that NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU, and if there is that person is only a little guy in your mind–only another beautiful challenge for you to conquer and overcome.

Isn’t that the beauty?

Isn’t that something you owe to yourself?

Isn’t that what you deserve?

Go after the things you love; you’re enough and more; you’re capable and you will achieve anything and everything.

~XO, Sab ♥





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