My Adventures in Greece ☑

Crete, Greece.♥

I’ll say it now, and I’ll take it to my grave: Every one needs to experience the beauty of Greece at least once in his lifetime.

Sure, it’s easier said than done…financially, Greece can cost a fortune, but if you’re smart about it I promise you can make things work!

In my two weeks in Greece, we took some adventures around the island. We stayed in Hersonissos but we visited: Santorini, Oia, Fira, Spinalonga Island, Iraklion, Knossos Palace, Vai beach, Kamari Beach, Sitia, Zenia, Plaka,  annnnnd Agios Nikolaos…I might be missing one, but nonetheless here are 7 things that I want to make a point of:

  1. The Greek sun is NO JOKE. I don’t always wear sun screen, but trust me, sunscreen above 30 SPF is mandatory here. Don’t think you’ll get off with a tiny dab…oh no my friend. You will slather that stuff on you at least three times a day and even then I can still guarantee  that sun will reach places you never thought the sun could reach. And it will be a new place every day!
  2. With that being said, Greece’s beaches are extraordinary. If you’re a beach girl like me, you will never want to leave. Magnificent, breathtaking, gorgeous…honestly, let’s just say they deserve their own adjective. ‘Nough said.
  3. Everywhere you turn, there’s a view that makes you believe you just might be entering the gates of heaven. Seriously. Days are long, the sun is ALWAYS shining, colors are vibrant, and life’s good. Beautiful sights make a beautiful life.
  4. Greeks are probably the nicest humans you will ever meet. I made friends every where I went. One you’ll see is Abraham. I saw him almost everyday, and he always offered to pay for my freddo cappuccino as well as serve me free fruits, which he sold on the beach!! Whenever I asked him how he was doing he always answered, “Everyday is better and better!” I’ll never forget that.
  5. I love freddo cappuccinos. They’re an iced black coffee with foamed/frothed milk on top, sweetened to your preference! I love iced coffee, and I love cappuccinos. They put the two together, and it makes a heavenly beverage to enjoy on the beach in the hot sun.
  6. I love Greek food, period. Baklava, moussaka, Greek salad, olive oil, feta cheese, Greek yogurt, Spanakopita, souvlaki, etc etc. Those were among my favorite foods–of which I ate just about every day. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to go back for some moussaka, Greek salad, and baklava though. Perfect meal! AHHHH!
  7. Greek language is soooo…sexy. There was one guy I had fallen in love with (yes, it was love at first sight), and I swear his accent made my knees weak. And then when I heard him speak Greek, I collapsed. I will marry a Greek man. Mark my words.


Truly, when they say Greece is the most beautiful country in the world, they mean it! Here are some of the adventures I went on with my second family: Maja, Kasia, and Wojtek. Because of them this was the most memorable and best trip I’ve ever been on. I also want to state that I decided I will return after retirement, and happily live the rest of my life there.

Without further ado, let’s get our trip started!!


First stop: Hersonissos Village.

This is where we resided in Crete…(I highly recommend!)

This is Maja, my Polish travel buddy. You’ll be seeing her throughout my adventures here!
This was our daily view from the hotel…I’d do anything to see that through my window every morning.

Next Up…Santorini!

Our boat, leaving us to explore the island…
                This is Fira, Santorini, Greece. Absolutely stunning.               (Photo credits: Kasia Owcarz — Maja’s Mom♥)


What better way to enjoy an early afternoon drink than right here?
The very common blue and white picturesque church scene…never gets  old.
Those clear baby blue skies remained that way our entire stay…that’s the secret to getting that Greek-glowing skin tone! 😉
I want this tree. 
Such a cute picturesque little door, yet so intimidating at the same time.
My favorite color!
And what better way to end a great day in Santorini than this beautiful sunset? This is what you call: pure bliss♥ 



Now we’re off to Spinalonga Island!

P1040560 P1040559

We were on our way to the island in this cute little pirate ship boat…

That’s me and Maja 🙂
And that’s Spinalonga Island!

In case you didn’t know…

 Spinalonga Island is also known as Leper Island.

Why? I’ll tell you!

Leprosy, an infectious and easily spread disease had no known cure in the beginning of the 20th century. People were terrified of catching the disease and lepers (infected people) were forced to to wear bells to warn others of their approach. They were eventually pushed to the outskirts of cities and forced to live on the charity of passers-by. Then in 1903, the decision to turn Spinalonga into Leper Island was signed and 250 patients were relocated.

Fast forward about 45 years later to 1948 when a cure was finally discovered! However, it wasn’t until 1957 when the island was abandoned.

P1040567 P1040578


P1040593 P1040601P1040590 P1040603P1040598


Now, we’re going on a ROAD TRIP!


Here is an idea of the squiggly lines we drove on. 
We stopped for selfies a few times because…well, look at that view behind me! (Not my frizzy hair…)

On our journey, we stopped at this really cute shop in Zenia… 



This was the ice cream we enjoyed before continuing on our journey…

Here’s a few takes from Knossos Palace…

   DSC_2596 P1040625 P1040629 P1040626

And another group-selfie!

These are a few images I got walking around Plaka…

      P1040660 P1040663

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t there something so cute about doors in Greece?!

       P1040670.JPG P1040669


Eventually ice cream could no longer hold us over…we had to eat!


How cute is this place?! We were seated in the middle of the street!

& of course, before we left I needed to get dessert…authentic baklava from a local bakery! 


And our way home we got a nice “see ya later” from this little fella’…



Come on, let’s explore the beaches of Greece!

This was the beach right under our hotel…I resided here most of my days. 😉
 I couldn’t resist pretending to be Mrs. Zeus 😛
And here’s Maja’s beautiful self…she needs to be on a post card!



Kamari Beach, in Santorini!


Kamari Beach, or Black Crystal Beach!

This long stretch of beach lies under the mountain of Mesa Vouno! So yes, this is a post-volcanic beach…AKA: the Black Crystal sand!



Behind me is Vai Beach, in Sitia!


Vai Beach is known for it’s palm trees!

Although there are more than one story about how palm trees found their way to Crete, I liked the one about Arab pirates. Supposedly these pirates came here in their ships, ate the dates they had brought with them and threw the seeds on the ground. From these dates’ seeds grew about 6,000 palm trees, of which 4,500 are still growing today.

6,000……??……I guess those pirates really loved their dates, huh?



Cute spot, but no kiss for me! Well, at least not here…
Not sure if this area has a name, but it was right behind Vai Beach!


Epic pictures of the strong Mediterranean…
And peaceful shots of the relaxed Mediterranean
Aaaaaaaand SELFIE off the side of a cliff! (Check out my awesome little fish-flipper beach shoes!)

Last but not least, some miscellaneous fun moments caught on camera 🙂


First, selfie with the waiter…
Then we dig in!



The coolest, most unique flower I’ve ever seen.
Kasia, Maja, and myself… (Kasia is the photo creditor!)
*kisses* ♥





I just want to give a huge shout out and BIG thank you to this family right here. They hosted me at their home in Poland, and then brought me on this trip to Greece with them. My gratitude for their hospitality and love throughout my stay with them is something I could never repay. I absolutely love them to death! Without them, this trip (one of the best of my life) would never have been possible. So thank you Maja, Kasia, and Wojtek…my second family. I love you guys! ♥



And thank YOU reader, for joining me on some of my adventures through Greece. I hope to take you more places in the future! But until then,

Ev-hari-sto & kalee-sou-mera! 

(Thank you & have a good day!)

~XO, Sab♥


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