New Year Resolutions!

Haaaaaaaappppppy New Yearrrrrrrr!

Here are some of infinite memories I’ve made this past year…2015 has been so great, but my gosh does it feel good to start the year off anew!

I know that New Year Resolutions have been earned a reputation of “they don’t last anyway,” but my goal this year is to truly focus on my resolutions each and every day, as should you! A new year is a great way to really stick to something that you find near and dear to your heart, but it’s also important to find something that you can stick to by building upon it!

Many say their New Year Resolution is to lose weight. I think this is great! It’s something to build upon by taking small steps in making healthier choices over time; however, many find this hard to stick to because they jump way too quickly. Instead of building with increasingly better choices, they try to change too much in too short period of time. Of course no one will enjoy going from a doughnut to broccoli! Think about it this way:

Lets say your building a palace. You want this palace to be built on a strong base, something that will hold it up for many years to come, right? You don’t want to use just any kind of material to build it either. You want to build it with top-quality resources. Well, this is where the problem lies with some builders. They are so eager to build the tallest palace that they use any resource they can get their hands on (AKA: dieters looking for quick-fix weight loss plans). They build their palace so quickly with the wrong resources that they find themselves happy for one minute, owning the tallest palace in the land, but the next second they’re discouraged because their palace was just destroyed by a bad storm (AKA: dieter lost weight and/or went back to old habits, gaining their weight back). This process will repeat itself until they won’t want to build a tall palace to live in anymore. They’re going to settle for the ugly shack behind the city (AKA: dieter is going to give up living a “healthier” life style all together, and live unsatisfied and unhappy).

Therefore, it’s super important that your resolution is taken one step at a time and built upon! We’re all eager, and very motivated this time of year, I know! BUT you have 365 pages to write in, take your time! Here are my resolutions, and I hope they inspire you to find some self-bettering, self-prospering, self-loving resolutions to stick to yourself!


Sabrina’s 2016 Resolutions

  • Spontaneity and courageousness:

I came across an article about the five most common death-bed wishes. One of them read:

I wish I had the courage to express my feelings. 

There are so many things that can happen just by saying “hello” to someone, and I don’t want to miss my chance at new opportunities or new relationships because I was scared of what would happen or what the other person would think of me. Likewise, I’m not very good at “going with the flow.” I’m the type of person who is scared to take risks, and always needs to plan ahead. My goal is to allow myself to loosen up a bit. I want to build the courage to stop expecting things and just let it be. Everything happens for a reason, if we let it.

  • Eye contact and better attention

Funny story about this one…just the other day my Mom and I went to the gym. We did our own thing, but when we left we talked about how many cute guys there were. She agreed, and then she says to me, “I’ll tell you this much though, if any guy wanted to talk to you today was not the day!” Confused, I laughed, but asked for clarification.

She responded, “You just had this really concentrated I-am-in-my-zone-face, no one better dare bother you!” I was completely taken back! If you know me, you know that I am very bubbly, and usually very approachable. I have a soft face expression and I smile constantly. Ask my friends, they’ll confirm this! On the other hand, when my mom told me that, I realized she’s right. That day at the gym, all those cute guys (in a way) intimidated me, and I felt very on-guard, or on defense. I couldn’t look at anyone in fear that I might get shot a dirty look, or I would smile and receive a look of “Uhh, you’re weird.” I subconsciously felt this way and didn’t realize it until my Mom brought it to my attention. And trust me, I know it sounds silly, but hey…that’s why it’s a resolution to work on!

  • Empower myself and others (especially women)

If you know Jessica Kneeland, this really has no need for explanation. She’s my inspiration to love myself no matter what stage of progress I am in. We must love ourselves before we can love others, but loving others holds just as much importance.

Ever heard of the saying “What you say about someone else says a lot more about yourself than that person” ? Well, I whole-heartedly believe this. A huge reason humans put others down is because of their own insecurities. I never want to make anyone else feel bad about themselves in order to bring myself up. That’s the lowest form of self-esteem anyone can have. However, in addition to that, loving others can make us love ourselves more. You know that great feeling we get when we help others? Or when we compliment someone who is having a rough day? It’s no accident that we automatically feel better with ourselves through our positive actions. Humans are meant to work together! Whether that means physically, mentally, and/or emotionally, we were put on this Earth to encourage, help, teach motivate, and love one another.

  • Focus on strength & being better than who I was yesterday

Long story short, I want to focus on strength, and getting stronger each and every day. Like I said above, I want to be better than who I was yesterday.

The biggest goal I have in doing this is by getting 5 unassisted pull ups completed in a row.

  • Travel

I think it’s safe to expect that you already know I am an aspiring globe trotter. My goal is to find a job overseas for a few months this summer, but if that doesn’t work I promised myself a trip somewhere else. I don’t have a solid plan yet, but I plan to work my magic and make something great and memorable of this year through travel.

This also intertwines with my first point above: Spontaneity and courageousness. I want to be brave enough to take a chance with this. Working overseas or going on a short backpacking trip on my own is a HUGE step in being courageous and spontaneous. However, this doesn’t have to be outside the state. I want to be spontaneous while I’m in Michigan too. Even if that means taking a random trip to Mackinaw Island with some friends, or to Holland, Michigan…anything new to me is acceptable!

2016 is going to be the year I discover myself and my true potential. I’m going to express my feelings, say hello to people I don’t know, build my confidence and ability to make eye contact with the world, complete 5 pull ups in a row, and travel to places I’ve never been to before. I’m going to take chances, try new things, and make this year unforgettable.

Now the question is, what are you going to do in 2016?!

I’d love to know!

XO, Sab♥



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