Post-Thanksgiving & Short-On-Time Workout

So this morning I woke up a bit late, and usually I’ll say “it’s okay, I’ll get ‘er done later this afternoon.” But not lately! My afternoons have been quite busy, so I either workout in the morning, or I work out late in the evening–something I don’t like doing because I like to go bed early so that I can wake up early the next day!

Anyway, today was one of those days. So I got up, grabbed my water bottle, and ran out the door.  (No worries, I didn’t forget to brush my teeth!)

Short-on-Time 5×20 Workout

  • Challenge yourself to finish this in 25 minutes or less.
  • Complete each exercise 1-4 in order, and that’s one circuit. Then start again from number 1, and repeat for 5 sets.
  • Modify the exercises as needed; I’ll have modifications listed below.


1. Goblet squat

2. Inverted rows

3. Romanian dead lift

4. Narrow push ups



  1. Goblet Squat:
    • Hold one dumbbell with both hands in front of your chest.
    • To modify, simply use your body weight.
    • Remember: Keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width distance apart, don’t let your knees fall forward passed your toes, and squeeze that booty at the top!
  2. Inverted Rows:
    • This exercise is awesome because you have options! If you’re at the gym and have TRX bands available, use those! If not, just use a smith machine! If you’re at home, you can use a sturdy table!
    • To modify, adjust your positioning under the bar. The more directly underneath it you are, the more challenging!
    • To work your biceps a bit more, hold the bar/TRX bands with your palms facing up.
  3. Romanian Dead Lift:
    • There’s not much to modify here. If you really need to, drop one dumbbell. Hold the one with both hands directly in front of your body
    • Remember: Keep your legs straight but don’t hyper extend your knees! We don’t need any injuries! Also, keep your back straight, and try to keep your head aligned with your spine. That means don’t look up at yourself in the mirror while in the positive phase of the exercise (AKA: while you’re going down)
    • Also, this exercise needs mind-to-muscle connection. Keep majority of your weight in your heels but really concentrate on the stretch of your hamstrings when you’re going down and coming back up.
    • Don’t forget to squeeze da bootay!
  4. Narrow Push-Ups
    • Don’t get me wrong, this can be a tough one. Try your best, and try to do as many full repetitions as you can. Once your arms can’t push you up anymore, drop to your knees.

Last thing I want to say before you try this exercise yourself…don’t feel bad if you have to modify your exercises! This workout can be as tough or as easy as you want to make it, so challenge yourself! But don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do the full 20 narrow push-ups! I couldn’t! Personally, I do 10-12 reps before I have to drop to my knees. But that’s the beauty of progress 🙂

Have fun and let me know how you like it!
IMG_4932-0 IMG_4931-1

All that extra sweet potato casserole servings helps you push through too! 😉





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