It’s a New Year: Start it off by Spreading the Love!

So there’s a little thought, or more accurately, a little bug, that has been irritating me…

It’s a new year…do we really need to start it off as being rude?

I was at work today, (mind you, this is rush-hour) and I was running around like a decapitated chicken. A man had been standing about 10 feet away from my line playing with his phone…I figured he was waiting on someone or his food. I was about to take the next customer when I heard him blurt, “aye, do you got some half-and-half?” I heard the annoyance in his voice so I quickly looked for an open container in our mini-fridge. I was about to head over to the coffee station to refill it when I realized the half-and-half container was not there. Next thing I know, he rudely shouts, “Can you just fill up the container? It would make everything a lot easier.” Well, to my surprise, there was the empty container…right on the corner of the table. I grabbed the container, filled it up and handed it to the man. At least he had the decency to say, “thank you…”

Now, for the moment I was a bit appalled, angry, and embarrassed. Customers watched, wide-eyed, but I returned back them with a smile on my face. Now, I’m not telling you this for sympathy or pity.. I understand the man may have been in a rush (hence, rush-hour) or maybe he was just having a bad day…I’m telling you this as an example of starting off the year as Mr. Grinch. Don’t be that guy.

We all have our bad days, obviously, but the attitude we decide to take with us for the rest of that day is what determines that “bad day.” Let me explain…Sabrina woke up as Miss. Clumsy. She fell out of bed, dropped breakfast on her shirt, ran late to work, and forgot her lunch. Half way through her day and it has been a complete disaster–it convincingly seems the rest of her day is going to continue looking like this…if someone tries to bother her today, she’ll probably blow up.

Have you ever heard of the saying: The way we treat others is a reflection of ourselves.

When you’re upset or annoyed, it is hard to be nice to added annoyances from others, I know! In our minds we automatically take those little disturbances as additional bullet points to our list of “All the Bad Things Happening Today,” which can in-turn, make us react in a rude way. Before you continue on with your day, before you approach co-workers, friends, family members, or you pet dog Squiggles (who may have peed on the carpet while you were at work), take a deep breath. Actually, take about 5–you need it. Now, erase the plate. Everything that happened that morning is in the past. To dwell on it, is to waste energy–energy that could be used to improve your day. Now, take that and continue your day with good vibes in mind only. If someone takes the last doughnut from the box Sue brought in that morning, don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll bring in some more next week–and probably a better variety too, Thank her for being kind enough to bring them in in the first place. If your boss adds a little extra work to your plate, don’t throw a fit. Simply take it like a man. Most likely you’ll finish it, be proud of yourself for doing so, and quite possibly, he’ll give you a raise.

The more time you spend looking at things negatively and giving off bad steam, the more likely your day will continue that way. As soon as you shift that energy into something positive, you’re day will surely take a full 360–I guarantee it!

Remember: Positive energy will bring back positive vibes ==> better day.

Now onto New Year Resolutions!! What are yours?! Many of us…and when I say many, I mean many of us start off our year with that common New Year resolution–can you guess? Haha, I knew you’d get it — to lose weight. Which is absolutely fine! I would never bash on anyone for what they are motivated to do. And maybe your idea of a New Year resolution has nothing to do with weight! Maybe it’s to do better in school, or find a better job…either way, I hope no one believes that we’re only subject to one resolution!

Sure, it’s easiest to keep your mind preoccupied with one thing, one priority; however, a New Year resolution can be one the most minor and easiest acts we can implement into our everyday routine, and it really won’t cost you much effort either…that act is:

be kind.

It’s as simple as that. It can be as effortless as paying your neighbor, coworker, family member, friend, or whoever, a simple compliment. Or remember to say “please” and “thank you.” Or to lend someone a hand. Or to help cheer someone up by cracking a joke, or letting them know you hope their day gets better.

Likewise, just as it is important to be kind to others, you also can implement being kind to yourself. Give yourself a compliment each and every day. Post positive sticky notes around your house. Keep a journal of your accomplishments, so when you feel like you have failed at something (and your whole world is inevitably coming to an end) you can look at all the other things you have achieved. You can use that to motivate yourself to try again, to do better next time, because you know you’ve achieved other things, so who said you can’t achieve that one?

Additionally, really take the time to look at the people your surrounded by…are they uplifting you, supporting you, encouraging you? Or are the degrading you, underestimating you, and bringing you down? Be careful who you hang out with, because they could be those couple of weeds in your bouquet of roses.

(I hope that was a good analogy…)

Anyway, whether your New Year resolution is to lose weight, shop less, or eat more vegetables, add this to your 2015 New Year resolution. Spread kindness, spread love; uplift, encourage, and support friends, family, and strangers. 2015 can be the year we start to see more compassion in our society! Be a part of making 2015 a great year! 🙂


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