Merry Christmas My Jolly-Fit Fam! (Cookie Dough Oats Recipe Included!!)



I hope everyone enjoyed their little holiday with good food, happy families, and great friends!

Emphasis on the food..I know I had a great time enjoying the pierogi my grandma and I make every year! Last Sunday my grandma and I took the whole day to make homemade pierogi, from scratch…we made słodki ser, kapusta, and mięso [sweet cheese, sauerkraut and mushroom, and meat! I wanted to get my Babcia in, but she refused to take pictures…no paparazzi please!



Then I had a wonderful surprise visit from my little helper elves! 


Until the elves began to fight…


So then I gave them a pierog and they relaxed…except one elf…can you tell which one?


And then…I continued to cook peacefully.

Unfortunately I forgot to take the ending-result picture of all the cooked pierogi…it wouldn’t have done much justice anyway since we all were eating a couple…(and by “all” I mean, myself, the elves, my uncles, my grandpa, my mom, my brother, and my grandma) I mean we needed to taste-test them and agree they were good, right? Right. Which they were…very good…very very.

Oh my gosh, then the next morning my mom wanted to make MORE pierogi! (I thought I was in heaven.) This was our ending result…with the exception of like 4 or 5…


Moving on…

So, then a couple of busy, last minute Christmas shopping days passed and just like that…it was Christmas Eve! YESSSSS. TIME TO EAT. And celebrate Jesus’ birth! WOO! These are a couple of my favorite dishes…



And Greek fish! 


Christmas Day, we went to church…opened gifts from Santa (THANKS AGAIN SANTA!) and back to grandmas for brunch we went…more pierogi! WOO!

Well, by the end of the day I was a pierog myself SOOO, I enjoyed my last slice of cake and back to the grind I’ve been! Post Christmas Day I had an intense leg-day session. Today I shall have an intense arm day session with 20 minutes of HIIT, so to fuel my workout this morning I enjoyed some Cookie Dough Steel Cut Oats…which was delicious but well…not very pretty…so I’ll get a picture of that another time, but for now…I’ll give you the recipe to enjoy too 🙂

Cookie Dough Steel Cut Oats

First, we shall make the oats…steel cut oats take a bit longer to make then Old Fashion or Instant Oats so in a small pot place

-1 cup dry steel cut oats

-4 cups of water

together and bring to a boil. (I usually add a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of salt, and unsweetened cocoa powder. If you usually add protein powder to your oatmeal, don’t add stevia; however, if you don’t use protein powder, feel free to add a packet or a few drops to add a bit of sweetness.)

Once it reaches a boil, turn of the burner stir and let sit for about a half hour to let it cool. You can leave the top slightly off so a little bit of heat can escape. Once the oats soak up all the water, it should be a thick consistency. If this is not how you like your oats, add more water to the pot. Oats like to soak in as much water as they can so about 1/2 – 1 cup more will do.

Now on to the toppings…

-1/2 Cookie Dough Quest bar

-1/2 scoop of Cookies and Cream Protein Powder (I use Muscle Pharm)

-6 tbls of liquid egg whites (scrambled)

-1/2 banana (or your choice of another fruit..or don’t use fruit. Whatever your little heart desires!

Mix it all together and there you are! A warm cookie dough chunky oat meal! If you have any suggestions, critiques, or comments, please don’t be afraid to tell me! 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


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