My “Easy On The Knees” Leg Routine


So if you don’t know me, you don’t know that I have knee problems. It really really sucks, but I am taking it one day at a time. I don’t go TOO hard on my legs just because I am trying to slowly heal my left knee, as well as continue to build its strength, so here I put together an easy on the knees leg routine that didn’t cause me any pain in the knees during or after the workout. So hopefully it will work for you as well!

Here was my leg workout from last Saturday that I forgot to post! It will surely make you sweat, and if not then that means your resting too long. So be sure to put a little extra espresso in your coffee or get some good energizing carbs in before for this workout! ūüėČ

You’ll need all the energy you can get!

First, I will state the names, and then below I will try to provide the best description I can¬†on how to perform the exercise. Any questions can be asked via comments or email! And please do ask! Don’t be afraid to ask¬†because I certainly don’t want you to perform the exercise with wrong from! That’s the worst thing you can do¬†so if I have to, I will even try to send you the link to the exercise.¬†Some exercises are used with¬†own name¬†for it, soooo yeah. Lol okay, enough chit chat!




Barbell hip bridge on bench ——————-10 reps

Prone hip extension on edge of bench —–12 reps

Burpees with jump——————————–20 reps



Upside down squats——————————-15 reps

Resistant band walks——————————15 each side ((if you don’t have a resistance band, do lateral shuffles in a squat position 10 on each side for 1 minute))

Bear crawls (forward & sideways)————–20 each way



Seated hip extension (machine) —————–10, 8, 6 (pyramid set- add weight as you go…go heavy or go home baby!)

Wall sits with 10 lbs on lap————————-1 min (if weight is too knee-stressing or your at this level of advance, then use a 5 or don’t use weight at all. As long as you squat low, don’t touch your knees and hold it all the way through. It should definitely burn)

Burpees, jumping side to side———————one jump to both sides is one rep, do 15


Cable kickbacks————————————–12 ((if you do not have an ankle strap, then simple do them on the ground– 30 for each leg))

Mountain climbers———————————–1 min


Power Burn:

If you still have enough energy, perform this cardio work on the tredmill:

Start at 2.5 mph and gradually add speed as you get comfortable.

Backward incline walk (incline level 10) ; forward incline walk (incline level 10)

alternate every 2 minutes between the two, and be EXTRA careful when you are coming out of the backwards incline walking; use rails (lightly) while walking backwards, and hold tight to rails when stepping on the sides. You may lose your balance so be sure to catch it and THEN turn to do your forward walking.

Perform this set for 10 minutes.

Now you may lower your incline to about a level 3-6 and perform lateral shuffles. One minute on each leg, alternating for 6 minutes. Last 4 minutes are yours to cool down.



The weight for these exercises are your choice. Don’t go to TOO light, but don’t kill your knees by going TOO heavy. Take it easy, but make sure you kick it up a notch.

Barbell Hip Bridge: Take a barbell and sit next to the long side of the bench. Place the barbell on your hips and lift yourself up using your back and bench and support for your back. Dip your butt down and up, holding the barbell on your hips.

Prone Hip Extension on edge of bench: Your torso should be supported with the long side of the bench. Your hips should be right on the edge while your legs can¬†touch the ground.¬†Although this may feel a bit award,¬†straighten your legs and¬†lift them¬†up.¬†You will be squeezing your butt, but don’t let your feet touch the ground until your finished with the set.

Burpees with jump: This exercise¬†I am sure you are familiar with.¬†If¬†it’s been a¬†while, and not really ringing a bell, look it up on¬†Youtube because I can’t¬†really explain how to do this¬†without confusion.

Upside Down Squat: So this exercise I got from Bella Falconi. You can go to her blog¬†at Click on her Workouts link¬†and she will have a Quad Day video. In this video, she will be performing one of the exercises¬†in which¬†you will see her laying on a bench underneath a¬†Smiths Machine.¬†While lying down she will perform¬†some what of a squat.¬†Check it out, she’s really awesome.

Resistant Band Walks: If you have a leg resistance band (looks like a rubber stretchy thing with two loops that you put your feet through) use it and in a squat position, walk to one side for the recommended amount of reps, and then to the other, not letting go of the tension. The outside of your legs should burn or, your vastus lateralis.

Bear Crawls: If you play, or have played Volleyball, you should be familiar with these. Basically, get on all fours (hands and knees) and lift your knees about 2 inches above the ground. Now walk forward like this for the amount of reps, and then backward, and then side to side. Focus on keeping your knees as close to the ground as possible.

Seated Hip Extension: This one is fairly easy. Just find the machine with your open your legs. LOL. There should be directions on there if you still don’t know how to use it, but the machine pretty much speaks for itself. Hopefully it’s faced towards a wall (all the ones I have used are) because this machine can be a bit awkward ;p )

Wall sits: This exercise can be modified. Either use no weights, or use a weight, but make sure you back is aligned against the wall, and your legs are at a 90 degree angle. It may seem easy at first, but once you hit that 30 second mark, your legs should be screaming. If not, you’re too advanced and need to get some more weight on those babies!

Burpees with Side Jumps: Simple enough, this is just a regular burpee. But when your jump your legs out and into a plank position, jump from side to side. When you jump back up, that whole thing was 1 rep.

Cable Kickbacks: Another simple exercise to figure out. If you have an ankle strap, go to where you see guys doing their chest flys (where the cables are, lat pulldown machine, etc– I forgot what¬†it’s¬†called!!) But lower it down and strap your ankle and pull your leg back. Keep your leg as straight as possible.

Mountain Climbers: I’m sure you know this one! Get into a plank position, and pretty much lift your knees up to your chest, alternating quickly! Lol GO GO GO!


Hopefully this all makes sense, but again, if you still don’t understand (I apologize for that in advance) then just comment or email me!¬†Have a killer awesome workout ūüėČ







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