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Cheesy Shirataki Mushroomy Broccoli Cashewy Yummy!


So this delicious recipe that was inspired by one of my inspirations (@ladyfit on Instagram) can be a dinner or lunch recipe. Heck, if you want it to be for breakfast you can have it then too! But I usually have a sweet tooth in the morning, hence my pancakes & mug cakes, and what not…ANNNNYWAY. THIS CREATION OF MINE IS DELICIOUS.
So @ladyfit’s recipe was vegan, but I had some grilled tilapia on the side with mine 😉 hehe, it’s not pictured but it was delicious..I swear! I wouldn’t lie!


Alright alright alright, here’s what you need:

1 package of fettuccine shaped Shirataki noodles (this can be found in one of your health stores or online but I purchase mine from Kroger)

1 wedge of Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss Wedges

3 oz of chopped broccoli

50 grams of sweet white onion

1 cup/ 1 handful spinach

3 oz slices mushrooms (white or portabella- whatever you prefer!)

1/2 oz chopped cashews

& if you choose, your choice of protein!


1) Follow the directions on the noodle package.

2) While your noodles are heating up, start slicing up all your veggies and sautée them on a pan sprayed with canola oil. You can use your choice of spices. I used my favorites: garlic, original mrs dash, red cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

3) Your noodles should be done by now, so while they’re still hot, take the wedge and mix into the noodles until it melts and spreads around.

4 ) You can set that aside while your veggies cook on the pan. When they are done, mix them into your noodle mixture and fold your cashews in! Add in your protein and you have yourself a wonderful dinner or lunch or breakfast! You can add more pepper or salt for more taste. 😊 ENJOY!


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