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My Stuggle, My Solution.

First thing is First…..

Before I get into talking about my thoughts on Fitness and Nutrition, let me just state that I am only 16. I do not know everything, I am not a nutritionist, I am not a physical trainer, I am not a dietician…none of it. I am simply a teenager looking to build herself the best body and mental mind set in the healthiest, continuous way possible. And what I mean by continuous is long-lasting. I am not in this FitFam for an occasion. I am here for life. I am here to stay. And I am here for me.


Second Thing is Second….


I have heard the same thing more than a million times. Girls say, “I don’t care about muscle, I want to be skinny.” Okay, so you want to be like a skinny-fat? Flabby? Not toned? Yeah, no. I didn’t think so. Muscle is what forms curves ladies…unless of course, you want those flabby curves….anyway, muscle is not an easy thing to obtain. I know from experience, and I know any fitness expert will tell you the same thing. I have been lifting for a while now, and although I have finally started seeing my muscles begin to pop–only the slightest bit– it has taken me what seems like forever. And it’s not just because muscle isn’t something just handed over to you, it’s also because it has taken me a while to understand my body. And I will be completely honest, I still don’t know how to listen to my body. I will tell you why in a second…but now if you’re thinking, “Understand her body? What the hell is wrong with this girl?” Again, I will explain that too in a second. But it has taken me a while to fully grasp the concept of truly listening to my body. This journey has it’s up and downs, but if you are really serious about becoming a healthier you, and living a healthy lifestyle then you need to find a balance with yourself.

the Importance of Listening to Your Body…

The reason you need to listen to your body is because you are you. No one is like you. If carb cycling works for one person, intermittent fasting works for another. It is what works for you and what makes you happy. That is listening to your body. Doing what makes you happy is the most important thing in the world, literally. How do you expect to come out with the positive results you want on the outside if you’re not doing what creates a positive result on the inside? The two will not mix.

But if you are like me, having trouble with listening to your body, then it may be because of the crazy amount of ideas flying in the air of the fitness industry… All the ideas about how to “get skinny” (First of all, you already know what I think about that “getting skinny” crap…it’s more like “get fit”, but anyway) we have heard that we have to do endless hours of cardio, eat below 1200 calories, lift weights, do intermittent fasting, do carb cycling, do the bulk/cut phase, eat clean with one cheat meal, eat a lot, don’t eat a lot, eat starchy carbs, don’t eat starchy carbs, eat every 2 hours, eat every 3 hours, eat only 3 meals, eat 6 meals because it boosts your metabolism, eat this, eat that, ASDFKJALSDKJF. AND THERE’S MORE. And I know it’s beyond overwhelming and annoying. This has what has gotten me into my slump. I have listened to all of these “rules” thinking that I need to, to be able to get to where I want. And now, look at where it has gotten me…feeling like a fluff ball, stressed, and I don’t even know how to listen to my body.

Don’t be like me, and millions of other people out there, that are overwhelmed with the ideas floating around them in the fitness industry. Of course trying new things is never going to hurt, but whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you can see yourself doing in 10 years–most likely, if you can’t, then you don’t enjoy it as much as you think. So don’t do it! If you want to follow a diet plan to help you get on the right track and it involves shrimp, but you know you can’t eat shrimp because your stomach just doesn’t agree with it or you just don’t like it, just because a stupid diet plan says you need to eat it, does not mean you need to eat it. DON’T EAT THE STUPID SHRIMP. Listen to your body. Do what works for you. And realize this: Nothing ever worth having is easily earned. Remember it. Embrace it. Understand it. And accept it.


What I Found To Work For ME….

One thing that I know that I enjoy doing, that I may still need some practicing and mastering to adjust to what is best for me, but I can see myself doing in 5 years is IIFYM or If It Fits Your Macros. (And I’m not saying this is a set thing that I will stick to for the rest of my life because maybe I will change my mind, but as of right now I can see myself continuing with it for the next 5 years.)

(I won’t go off into a new topic about what it is, but if you want to do more reading on it, I recommend a good blog I follow…her name is Josie, and she has some good stuff on the topic (recipes included!), so go check her out: http://itsvmfitness.blogspot.com/2013/05/iifym-my-thoughts.html )

Anyway, like I said, I enjoy it. It gives me the balance I need, and assures me that I will not stop my progress just because of one meal. It’s a lifestyle!!! Along with this, I am trying to rid my mind of all the stupid ideas and just straight listen to my body. By all means, if I stated any of the fitness ideas up there ^^ that work for you and it is something you enjoy, then keep it up! Do what makes you happy! I cannot stress that fact enough. If you do not like something, how do you expect to come out with the results you want? Hint, hint people: You won’t.


My Conclusion…..


I am not here to give you all the answers, but I am here to give you what I know…and whether you decide to believe me or not, especially because I am not an expert (just a learner in the process), then that is completely up to you…but you have to, have to. have to listen to your body. This is what will get you to what will make you happy…and don’t forget to ask yourself if you can see yourself doing something 5-10 years from now. Can you see yourself eating 800 calories a day doing 2 hours of cardio? Can you see yourself lifting weights regularly, and eating 1600 calories a day instead? Think about it…

So my top advice is: You have to listen to your body. You have to do what you enjoy. And ladies you have to lift weights. (That’s one thing any fitness expert will tell you, so yes, that is one fact that I will definitely tell you you must should do ;p )

I really hope this helps!


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