UPDATE: improving my blog & my big surprise!

Hey guys, so by looking through the recipes I have posted so far, I have realized how much I have been using protein powder. Not saying protein powder is a bad thing, but I really don’t like the fact that I have been choosing it over real food. I have also done some research which has also said protein powders should only be eaten in moderation. They too are highly processed even though they are generally used as a health benefit. Not only this, but also the fact that protein powders are very expensive and not everyone can get there hands on a tub of it, therefore, I am going to try to cut them out of my recipes. 

Of course, on occasion I may use some to add some protein to certain meals, or to add some flavor to my pancake creations, but for the most part, I am going to use it as little as possible for both your and my own benefit. 🙂

Okay, just a little update on that…now for my surprise!

Well my friends, I am going to be posting another page (once I get everything figured out) about FITNESS! 😀

I will try to post some of my workouts, as well as my thoughts on dieting, nutrition, health, fitness, and things related to that! So far things are coming along, but I am not sure when it will all be ready. But just wanted to let you know! Okay, have an awesome day!


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