BREAKING NEWS: I FINALLLLY got my hands on Kabocha Squash. YEEEES.


Hello friends, before I go on a rant about the amazing Kabocha squash, I just want to send out my apologies for not posting anything for so long. I can’t even get into the kitchen right now to cook ANYTHING because we are redoing it and it. is. absolutely. HORRIBLE. I currently hate my house right now because it is filled with boxes, boxes and more boxes and it’s so hard to get through because everything is so squished together, and my house is so small (we’re already starting to put things up stairs) and it’s really stressful. I hate it. So I can’t wait for it to be DONEEE.

But anyway, moving on to the interesting stuff…

I have tried butternut squash, acorn squash, and spaghetti squash, and now I can say I have tried (and devoured) one whole Kabocha squash, and I have no doubts about it. Butternut and acorn squash are two favorites of mine, but Kabocha squash has definitely moved up to number one.

Kabocha squash is a very nutritious vegetable with many benefits. Low in calories, no fat, low in carbs, contains 70% of a daily recommended amount of vitamin A, good source of iron, vitamin C, and a little bit of vitamin B, and contains plenty of fiber. It can be made into something sweet or salty. It can be used as a thickening agent, and its easy to prepare. All you do is simply bake it in the oven for around maybe 45-60 minutes at 425 degrees and you can eat it like that, or you can do either of my two favorite things: 1) Make a rice cake snack with it and top it with almond butter, plain greek yogurt, cinnamon, almonds, and fiber one cereal (to make it crunchy) or 2.) You can saute it, and add into a wrap, or eat it plain…or do whatever you’re little heart desires with it, but the trick is to saute it!

Kabocha squash has only 40 calories per cup, and 7 grams of carbs. The texture of it can’t even be described…I just love this stuff so much. So I definitely recommend you go out and get yourself some! And then come back and make this recipe I have here for you! 😉




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