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Super Simple Sweet Wrap (My All Time Favorite)

So let me just give you nice, “YOUR WELCOME” for giving you this recipe right now, because I guarantee you are going to lalalalove it just as much as I do and you’re going to thank me for giving you the best sweet-tooth-fix everrrr.

Okay so I’m not even going to explain how absolutely amazing this sweet wrap is because no words can explain it. Just get your booty moving to the kitchen after you get the ingredients and the instructions from below, and I’ll let the taste do the talking.

What you’ll need:

1 Low in Carb Tumaro’s Whole Wheat Tortilla

1 tbls Almond Butter

1/2 Banana

1/3 measuring cup — and just bring out your Fage Plain Greek Yogurt (or whatever plain greek yogurt brand your prefer) and Land O’ Lakes or Daily Chef cottage cheese (or whatever other brand you like better) and I’ll tell you what to do with that in the instructions. (Cottage cheese is optional…I just like it for the texture it brings 🙂 )

1/4-1/3 cup blueberries

1/4 cup Original Bran Fiber One cereal

about 1/2 tsp Cinnamon or just a dash…depending on how much you enjoy cinnamon.

4 drops of Vanilla Cream liquid Stevia drops


1. Cook your tortilla over a medium/low heat over the stove until cooked.

2. Spread your almond butter in a line going down the middle of the tortilla.


3. Take your 1/3 measuring cup and fill it half way with cottage cheese, and half with greek yogurt. Or if you are not using cottage cheese then just fill up the measuring cup with just your yogurt. Then add your 4 drops of Vanilla Cream liquid Stevia drops and mix it together.

20130701-121554.jpg4. Now that that is mixed, you may add it on top of your almond butter.

5. Now take your banana and slice it into pieces and top your yogurt and cottage cheese mixture with the slices.

20130701-121608.jpgIt should look like this by this step.

20130701-121617.jpgUp close and personal with the beautiful spread of almond butter, a peak from the yogurt and cottage cheese mixture, and perfectly yellow banana slices.

6. Now you can take your blueberries and align them on the sides of the line of stuff you’ve already put on your tortilla….lol yes, I said the line of stuff.

20130701-121625.jpg7. Now you may top it with your fiber one cereal (to give it a nice crunch) and top with a dash of cinnamon, because everyone knows cinnamon brings out the life in food and it tastes scrumcious with blueberries and bananas. Sooo yeah.


20130701-121649.jpgMMMMM, I’m getting so hungry for this right now. Wahhhh! Aren’t you!?!?

And just for fun, I decided to hide a little dark chocolate chip somewhere inside…and when I found it, it was like a chocolatey surprise. Hehe, I love dark chocolate.

20130701-121705.jpgGAH. I need to head out…I’m going to make myself one right now.



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