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The Best of the Best is Revealed

So guess who has just revealed the BEST wrap ever made to man kind…

ME! I DID! 😀

And wanna know the bonus? It’s super simple, super healthy, and actually pretty low in calories!

Just wait…you’ll see.

I don’t exactly know where this wrap originated from…I think I came back from the gym one day and needed to whip up something nutritious and delicious, but quick and legit. (I have no idea how I just came up with that…lol.) But boy, DID IT WORK. And now you get to try it for yourself!

20130626-160335.jpgSuch beautifully delicious colors…LOVE IT.

Here’s what you will need:

1 Low in Carb Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortilla 

1 egg or 4-6 tbls egg whites

3 slices Jones Hickory Smoked Canadian Bacon

1-2 handfuls of spinach (I usually use 2 because spinach wilts and becomes super small…as you can tell in the picture :p)

4-6 cherry tomatoes split in half

1/4 of a half of an avocado (or more if that’s what you prefer)

Spices: Black pepper, Original Mrs. Dash, garlic powder, red cayenne pepper (optional)


1. Put your tortilla on a stove top over medium heat and cook it evenly on each side. It should start to get little black and brown spots.

2. Crack your egg in to a small bowl and whisk until it is mixed…almost as if you were making an omelet. If you are just using egg whites, skip the first step and just pour in onto your pan. You may leave your pan over a medium-low heat.

3. You can top your “omelet” while it’s cooking, with a sprinkle of black pepper.

4. Set that on top of your tortilla. And start to cook your Canadian bacon.

5. When the Canadian bacon has cooked (should have brown spots on it) move it over to your egg.

6. Next, sauté your spinach! Sprinkle a dash of Mrs. Dash (see what I did there? 😉 ), black pepper, garlic, and if you like your food spicy sprinkle on the red cayenne. Depending on your level of taste of spicy, put as much cayenne as you want. But if you haven’t worked with this spice before, I recommend adding a little bit at first, and if you need more, leave it to the sriracha to do the trick. Anyway, once that’s done, move it over to your Canadian bacon.

7.  Now you can add your avocado and cherry tomatoes.

8. If you’re still up for some extra spicy, ADD YOUR SRIRACHA BABY. Mines drizzled…I love that stuff 😉 But you can’t see it in the picture..sowwy!

Well there you have it people. A delicious meal that can be for breakfast, lunch dessert or a snack! I fit it in one of those categories sometime during the day almost everyday, so give it whirl and let me know what you think!

20130626-160349.jpgMMM, I think I’m about to go make myself one right now!

Nutrition Facts:

305 Calories (if using full egg)                                    225 calories (if using egg whites)

 13 gr fat                                                                                            8 gr fat

 25.5 gr protein                                                                              24 gr protein

21.5 gr carbs                                                                                 21.5 gr carbs


The good fat is good for you, and I promise, I would not tell you that the bad fat makes my wrap the best wrap in the world.

Whichever you decide, let me know what you think! I know you’ll love it though 😉


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