Freaking Fantastic Father’s Day!

Hey peoples! I’m a week late, I know, I know! I’m really sorry, I’ve been trying to get on and finish all the things I have been wanting to share with you guys but it’s really hard to get on when I have so many other things to do in a day! But let’s get to it, shall we?!


Sorry babe, it’s not.

BUT IT WAS AWESOME…perfect way to spend a cheat meal…except this wasn’t my only cheat meal! 😡

On Father’s Day morning, when everyone was just getting up for church, I opened my door and my dad was walking by and the first thing I said was, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY MOTHER FATHER!” That sure got everyone’s day going on a good note!

After a nice mass, we came home to make a delicious breakfast. I made myself one of my Canadian Egg and Spinach Wrap (I have one of them almost everyday, they’re so good) and my mom made my brother and my dad the uge…hash browns with eggs and bacon, (turkey bacon to be exact.) THEN FOR THE GRAND FINALE…I BUSTED OUT THIS BEAUTY.

image (21)

Chewy Fudge Brownie Flower base (not seen because of all the frosting and raspberries), banana nut muffins nicely stacked in a circle on top of one another, covered in a homemade cream cheese chocolate pudding whip cream and almond frosting, drizzled in real caramel, and then patiently decorated with rasberries and baby brownie balls.

This was the best thing ever…literally…it was so worth staying up until 4 in the morning making…


Yes, yes. When you love someone, you go to extreme measures of sacrificing a few hours of sleep..hehe. x)

Well. Me and my mom had a long Saturday. We worked out and went to run some errands. But of course, it’s the weekend…we can’t forget about my cute grandma. So we went and visited her for a while. We were there until around 10, maybe 10:30. My mom already knew I wanted to make my dad a cake, so on our way home we stopped at Kroger and grabbed a few missing ingredients.

We picked up some banana bread mix, chewy fudge brownie mix, whip cream, and almond extract. The rest was happily waiting to be used, at home. 😉

As soon as we got home, I got to work. First I cooked up all the muffins. I only have one 12-muffin pan so I had to cook up two batches. Then while one batch was cooling off, I put in the brownies. During this time, my mom was getting creative and mixing up chocolate pudding, whip cream, and cream cheese to make a nice thick and delicious frosting. Then she took a little portion of that and mixed it with coconut peanut butter…it was so good. We were eating and licking everything all night long.

Finally, when all was finished cooking, I put everything in the fridge so they can cool off faster. After waiting a bit, I brought them back out and got to decorating…I used a flower cookie-cutter to form the brownie base, then stacked the muffins in a nice circle– Brownie was used to keep some of the uneven muffins level; the muffins definitely weren’t as easy to stack as I thought they would be!– Next, I started to spread the frosting. If I had a penny for all the times I turned that dish in a circle to evenly distribute the frosting, I would be RICH RICH RICH.

image (22)

FINALLY, the frosting began to stay in place so I started to make baby bronwie balls. The raspberries I just found in the fridge and thought, those were the easiest fruit to use to decorate with, plus who doesn’t love brownies with raspberries? It’s a perfect combo, right?!

Then as I was putting the leftover raspberries back in the fridge and saw the caramel. There were no second thoughts about it. I heated that baby up and drizzled it all over!

Thankfully, my dad LALALALA-LOOOOOVED it. So all my work and sleep-sacrifising was for a good reason! :p

20130622-104333.jpgMy brother Sebastian, and the best Dad in the world! Oh & also, don’t mind the mess in the back…we’re redoing our kitchen so everything is a bit out of place x)


So now for the even more EXCITING part…




I could eat it for the rest of my life; breakfast, lunch, dinner. (Along with peanut butter, I’d be set for life.)

So, I may have went a littttttttle overboard…but to be honest, you can’t go “overboard” with sushi…so, this probably was like the minimum.


And just because of how excited I was, I even decided to try clams and musscles…can you see them hidden in there? 😉


Then I had two plates of crab legs…only one is pictured though…I mean I can’t spend my whole time taking pictures of my food at the restaurant afterall!


But of course, I still needed to go grab another plate of sushi…but this time with soy sauce mixed with wasabi! 😀

20130622-103153.jpgME LIKEY DA SPICEY.

I also had another plate of dessert..,have any of you ever tried those sesame balls? They’re crunchy on the outside, super warm, soft and gooeyish chewy on the inside? Yeah, if you do your research they are BEYOND bad for you…but guess who had 2? THIS CHICK. Then of course, I had to make it SOMEWHAT healthy, so I grabbed some fresh fruit…then dipped it in a vanilla pudding..IT WAS BOMB. But unfortunately, I have no picture for that..sorry babes!

Anywho, overall it was a splendid day. How did your Father’s day go? What did you do? What did you do for those awesome Dads out there?! 🙂



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