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A Little Look into My Summer Job

Although I have 3 other little munchkins to watch, this one is the hardest. You all know Evil Little Munchkin #1, right? Well, now you will.  

20130622-110336.jpgYeah, she looks cute and sweet, like she wouldn’t hurt a fly…but don’t let her looks decieve you.

I make her “nutella” and strawberry sandwiches just about everyday because she absolutely loves them, and they make her such a happy little girl!


20130622-110414.jpgShe’s a bit of a messy eater because she has a loose tooth on the left side of her mouth, so she only bites with the one on the right…therefore, the right side of her face is always filled with “nutella”.

I even do her her hair for her!


Waterfall braid going into a regular braid.

(I love to play with hair, by the way! I even did a “Katniss Braid” for Samantha…she loved it too!)


Anyway! So unfortunately, even though I let her do just about everything–let her make huge messes when we cook, let her go outside and put her feet in the pool (when we’re not supposed to really be by the pool), let her dip her finger in the strawberry filling for crepes, etc etc– she still thinks its okay to talk back and not listen! I’m becoming a lot more firm now…and well, she doesnt like it very much.

20130622-110342.jpgShe makes her “mad face” and fiddles with little things while I tell her she has to come read with me. But no, because I wouldn’t let her have a cookie after she lied to me.

Of course, I had to bribe her with cookies, and tickle her for a bit to get her in a happier mood to read with me…but she eventually got her way.


One of the days, my friend Natalia (WHO IS GETTING MARRIED SOON; CONGRATS TO HER!) came over with the kids she babysits! She has 3 too, but they were even younger little rascals!  Look at this little cutie!


20130622-110442.jpgPlease don’t mind the awkward vein in my forehead…instead, pay attention to the cutness of little GiGi’s cheeks and precious blue eyes!

And the little 2 or 3 year old, Linus…omg. I can’t explain how much I love baby boys’ voices. He was ADORABLE. I just wanted to squeeze his cheeks and make him talk to me all day long..but unfortunately he was shy.



She also had a little 8 year old with her, but I didn’t have time to take a picture with her because she was off playing with Samantha. 🙂


LOL. And then I thought I’d just share with you the weirdness of my brother…a little thing to brighten your day.




Being that we have to be there 8 in the morning, he waits for Danny (his bff) to wake up…and so…I guess he gets a little bored, don’t you think?


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