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Peanut Butter Almond Babies & Foot Massages!

Today, the kids and I were sitting pool side. Of course, on a beautiful day like today, I would forget my bottoms…just great…so no swimming for me!

Julia says hi…20130622-122549.jpg

But can you guess what I got, instead of swimming….




This was right before she jumped in the pool without her life jacket on though, so I made them get out. Obviously I’m not that mean. I would have made her sit out for 5 minutes, but we had to get out anyway because her mom would be home soon and they all needed to dry off.

So then not too long after, I came home and decided to make myself a little snack. This was actually inspired by a really awesome woman I follow on instagram. She is really inspiring, super beautiful, and very dedicated. I love her posts! So if you have time, I definitely recommend checking her out. Her name is: @ladyfit

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to make it for a while, so yesterday I finally decided to! Yay!

20130622-115655.jpgMaybe it doesn’t look the prettiest, but it sure was scrumdiliumcious!

Here were the ingredients I used:

(& directions in parantheses)

5 oz oven roasted cauliflower (all I did was chop up a bunch of cauliflower, sprayed it with a little bit of olive oil spray, and spiced it with garlic, red cayenne pepper, and black pepper– you don’t need the cayenne, but again, I like da spicy stuff!)

4 oz white or portabella mushrooms (I simply sauteed it with garlic and black pepper)

a handful or two of spinach (sauteed with the mushrooms)

1/2 oz Fancy Kirkland Cashews (broken into little pieces)

1/2 oz whipped goat cheese (you probably could use more, but I didn’t want it to be overpowering, so I used just a little bit)

And that’s it! I stirred it all together for a while so the goat cheese could get all melty and spread all the way through, and BAM. Delicious and nutritious!

After that, for some reason I just wanted something more. All day, I was constantly thinking about sugar cookies. I haven’t had a sugar cookie in forever and what better way to waste time then to experiment!? And so, yummy little balls of goodness were created. And I call them:

Peanut Almond Sugar Babies!


Here’s what you will need:

2/3 cup almond flour

3 heaping tbls peanut flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 full scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 extra large egg

1/3 cup almond milk

6-8 vanilla stevia drops

1/2 tsp almond extract

Directions :

1. Mix dry ingredients: almond flour, vanilla protein, peanut flour, and baking powder in one bowl. Sift it so it’s well mixed.

2. In a seperate bowl break the egg, and beat it with a mixer on high, until light. Keep beating for at LEAST 5 minutes; it will turn like a super light yellow, almost white, and have a consistancy like foam.

3. Add the rest of the wet ingredients: almond extract, stevia, and almond milk. Beat again with mixer. It will probably be a little more watery again because of the almond milk. That’s perfect.

4. Add the wet ingredients in with dry and mix using the mixer. It will be a thick and sticky mixture.

5. Take a tablespoon and grab little portions with it to form the balls. Spread them on a greeced baking sheet. Cook them at 375 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. They will start to brown on the outside and you should be able to stick a toothpick inside and take it out clean. ๐Ÿ™‚

To make them EVEN better, you can dip them in regular peanut butter, coconut peanut butter, cinnamon swirl peanut butter, and (this one was probably my favorite) almond butter! Hehe, and yes, I did try them all. ๐Ÿ™‚


Enjoy! And please do let me know if you tried them and what you think! Did you like them? Did you add or take away an ingredient? Did you make a different dip for them? I want to know!


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