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Happiness shouldn’t be your goal.

Pinterest and Instagram will try to make you believe that all it takes is a simple quote on a cute background to turn your frown upside-down. And while the idea is there, it’s very superficial. And usually I’m left in a deeper funk that where I started.

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I SUPER SWIPE RIGHT on Bumble’s Response to Match Group & Tinder Allegations!

For majority of young women, we’re raised in a household, a culture, and a society, that surrounds us with messages that men make decisions; men are far more emotionally stable than us; men are naturally stronger than us; men are the “tough” guys, and we are the “caretakers”. We are expected to be kind, lady-like, book-smart, and submissive. We’re taught what we’re “supposed” to like, what we’re “supposed” to be interested in,  what we’re “supposed” to act like based on our gender roles and other’s preferences.

I think it’s pretty evident that women have a harder obstacle to success because of the fact that we’re women, whether it’s because of our anatomy/physiology actually disabling us to achieve certain goals, or simply because our gender makes us seem inferior due to societal, generational, and cultural beliefs which has placed us into a collective group labeling us emotionally instable, weak, and incapable. This has made us shameful; it has suppressed our confidence in being able to make a change, and it has silenced our voice for far too long…except, it really hasn’t. 

Women have been slowly, but surely, making their way up the success ladder, and we’re clearly discerning that we are strong, capable, confident, and courageous beings with far more potential than we are granted to believe. There are historical accounts of women making big changes for civilizations during ancient times, just as there are important women in history that have changed the dynamic for where women are expected to show up, speak, and lead (even if we’re not taught about them in history class). They have empowered women to take on more leadership roles, to speak up and to stand up for what they believe in.

Most recently, 2018 trends have taken hold of more women activism movements like #MeToo and positive body image. That’s not all, though! When it comes to online dating and the inappropriate behavior elicited that tends to degrade women, Bumble has been a great turning point for that change. They have even exemplified what it means to sternly and appropriately dodge the intolerable accusations and allegations of corporate businesses that want to burn their women-founded, women-led, and women-empowering establishments down.

Go Bumble! Go Bumble! ♫

In short, if you didn’t know, Tinder was founded by a group of six men and one woman named Whitney Wolfe.
Later, after alleging sexual harassment and discrimination, Wolfe decided to leave and start her own business, which became Bumble — a platform where women had the power to choose who they wanted to talk to. It also changed the game for empowering women to realize they need not wait for men to make the first move.

Well, low and behold, about four years later Bumble is absolutely thriving with over 20 million users — and growing. With that kind of competition, Match Group, a parent company of Tinder, are both now suing Bumble for “patent infringement and stealing trade secrets (CNN).”


But I think there’s an even deeper issue here. Match Group currently owns almost all of the dating apps that are available to users…except one very popular site: Bumble.
In the email sent by Bumble to it’s subscribers, you can clearly infer that Match was probably turned down…and with that, ended up angry, resistant, and probably, pretty embarrassed. Check out Bumble’s response to Match/Tinder’s allegations against them:





This message is EXACTLY the kind of confidence and bravery all of us as women can learn from! We can use this as inspiration to be unstoppable leaders who don’t back down, who don’t allow anyone to intimidate and scare us, to keep on keeping on! 

I’m utterly inspired myself. What a time to be a woman where all these changes coming into play are SO up my ally. This blog, my fitstagram, and who I am as a trainer, student, sister, daughter, and friend, is my attempt to empower women (and men alike) to be fearless and powerful in their pursuits. I strive to push people out of their comfort zones so they may see that their potential is infinite; I aspire to help people harness an  unstoppable confidence and growth-mindset so they can realize that they are not flawed like so many want them to believe. 

I’m just excited that this is a thing, and I want more people to know about it! I want more women to strive toward this kind of courageousness! I want more men to realize this change is happening, whether you support it or not (although I hope you do!) — it’s happening.

Ladies, we DO have the power to start successful businesses; we DO have the power to hold down our own; we DO have the power to say NO to certain behaviors and treatment that we simply will not tolerate; and we DO have the power to change the dynamic. Please keep that in mind, no matter what you’re doing! Whether it’s a goal you have in the gym; a project you have going on in your career; something you’re striving to achieve in school…IT LITERALLY DOESN’T MATTER! Wherever and whatever you’re pursuing, be bold, be confident, be courageous, be strong, and be proud! Being a woman is such a blessing…I hope you see it  and believe it (or at least will see and believe it) just as much as I do. 🙂 


Sab ❤

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How to Build the New Age of Respect for Millennials

I know I’m not the only one who has suffered the pain from a generation that has fallen victim to isolation and disconnection, disregards the meaning of responsibility and commitment, lacks empathy and effective communication skills, and has learned to speak with their thumbs, not their voice. But we need to be stronger than that. We cannot practice the mistreatment we’ve endured ourselves on other people just because that has become “the thing” to do.

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Why Thinking Negatively Will Never Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our thoughts, the things we say, and the things we hear around us are all forms of nutrition. The terms we use turn into behaviors that slowly become normalized -when it’s not normal at all. Sometimes it gets so deeply ingrained in us, we don’t realize when those overheard phrases become beliefs, and soon enough, they’re the culprits to our shame, our fear, and our pain.